Jacks always take precedence over pros

Brian Kimmes

Brian Kimmes

This is the busiest time of year for a sports fan. Most of the major viewing sports are in season. Three of the big four professional sports are going on: NFL, NBA and NHL. The main three college sports are also taking place: Football, basketball and hockey.

With so many quality viewing opportunities, how does a sports enthusiast prioritize?

The first priority we must figure out is how much time we actually have to spend on sports. Unless their job is sports reporting, most people have other commitments such as school, work, family, drinking, etc. How much time can one really make for sports? That is question number one. Personally, I make quite a bit of time for sports. Granted, I am a sports editor, so I get to combine work and sports. I’m lucky.

However, I do reserve Sunday afternoons for football, not homework. I figure grades are overrated and sports are more important. Ten years from now, I won’t care if I had a C. But if I missed that big, once-in-a-lifetime game, I’d never forgive myself.

Besides, sports are a socializing activity. They improve your social skills and build connections that you might not otherwise have. Many people build school resum