State can move on now that Election Day is over


Editorial Board

Nov. 8 is a good day. South Dakotans can finally breath easier because it is finally over.

After months of debates and political propaganda, Election Day is behind us and the decisions have been made. Now we can finally move on, thank goodness.

In the last few months, it was hard to go anywhere without seeing a sign about Referred Law Six or Amendment C. Everywhere we went, someone was trying to cram more political propaganda down our throats.

It was too much. Our brains are so fried from being told why we should vote a certain way that we have forgotten what the issue is really about.

Now, here we are after one of the most exhausting elections in the state’s history, looking like fools.

We allowed ourselves to become too involved in legislation that reflects poorly on our state. South Dakota is filled with good-hearted people who care about each other and who are willing to make life better for others. However, that wasn’t easy to see in the last year.

People on opposite sides of issues were degrading one another and trying to out do each other with loud, obnoxious campaigns. We were fighting battles that can’t be won on the national level, let alone in a heartland state. We were fighting the types of battles that turn friends into foes. In the end, was it worth it? Not really.

Life was easier when we said we were from South Dakota and people asked us if we had electricity. Now they just look at us and say, “oh, the abortion state.”

The people of South Dakota are better than this, and now that the election is