Logo firm goes on a field trip

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

SDSU is one step closer to finding a new face to the Jackrabbit. And it took a trip to a field north of campus for representatives of New York City-based design firm to get an accurate view of a jackrabbit.

“I think their version of a jackrabbit is what they could get online,” said Alex Halbach, Students’ Association president and member of the logo committee. “What SDSU sees as a jackrabbit is different than what other people outside of the state see as a jackrabbit.”

On Oct. 25, representatives from the Phoenix Design Works visited campus to present exploratory designs for the new jackrabbit. Overall, the members of the logo redesign committee were pleased.

“I thought they came with a good round of designs,” said Jenny Crickard, director of University Relations and member of the committee. “I think the designs were on the right track. The style is more inline with other Division-I schools.”

The firm presented 30 different Jackrabbit designs to members of the committee, students, faculty, alumni and the athletic department.

“They were very different from what we have currently but that was the plan,” said Halbach.

Crickard said the different groups liked and disliked a lot of the same characteristics.

“We were surprised that all of the groups went the same way and had the same comments,” she said.

Halbach said the firm will create new designs based on the groups’ suggestions. The firm never expected that the final Jackrabbit would be in the first set of designs.

“The rabbits needed some work but they knew that when the brought them to us,” Halbach said. “I felt that they genuinely cared about the students’ input and everyone’s input. I really think that when this process is done … we’ll really get something we’re happy with.”

To get a more accurate picture of a jackrabbit, the committee took the representatives north of campus to watch jackrabbits running. They were able to see how their bodies, ears, heads, etc., move, which would help them design a jackrabbit that fits SDSU better, Crickard said. Their previous exposure to jackrabbits was online photos.

Derek Peterson, University Bookstore manager and member of the logo committee, said he really liked some of the eye designs and there were a few heads and bodies designs that stood out.

“It’s definitely not Bugs Bunny,” he said.

In addition to the jackrabbit designs, the firm brought samples of possible jackrabbit fonts.

Halbach said he liked many of the fonts and there were a lot of options with the spacing and width.

Crickard said the firm will soon submit a report that includes the groups’ suggestions and comments. The committee will then set a deadline for the next batch of designs that will reflect those suggestions.

She said the new bunny is still planned for a February release date.