Letter to the Editor: Syllabus Statement


In response to Kevin Hoekman’s Oct. 25 Letter to the Editor, and subsequent smearing of Dr. Brady Phelps: The faculty members quoted in the 10/11/06 Collegian article are not the only ones angered regarding the BOR’s mandated syllabus inclusion. Faculty do not deny students should have the right to express themselves in the classroom. We are angered because in order to ensure the highest quality education in our disciplines, intellectual debate must respect both faculty and student rights.

Mr. Hoekman also unfairly targeted Dr. Phelps providing absolutely no reference for his accusations. Dr. Phelps has been a faculty member at SDSU for nearly 15 years. His faculty colleagues and the administration of SDSU have applauded Dr. Phelps’ work through the recognition of tenure. Dr. Phelps cares enough about his discipline and his students to continue to seek ways in which he can engage and motivate student learners in the classroom. As an academic advisor, I have heard many positive reflections from students regarding Dr. Phelps’ attention to individual learning and his passion for the material presented.

Our community at SDSU is not student vs. faculty, Mr. Hoekman. We did not become educators to get rich, tout individual ideals or let the world pass us by. We are passionate enough about our disciplines to encourage and expect our students to intellectually rise to the occasion. Mr. Hoekman states “the students are indirectly [the] main source of income” for faculty. In turn, I would remind him that without teachers, no profession would exist.

Laura M. WightAssistant Professor/Reference Librarian