Caldwell continues to please

Lesa Jarding

Lesa Jarding

It’s been open for more than a year and residents couldn’t be happier with the modern living arrangements in Caldwell Hall.

“We’ve found that students like this style of living,” said Residential Life Director Mike Kervin.

The hall was designed so that two rooms share one restroom. The hall is different from others on campus because it doesn’t feature some of the recreational rooms and game rooms found in the other halls.

“Since it’s so close to The Union and HPER Center, it didn’t make sense to add that, we did it on purpose,” said Kervin.

Caldwell Residence Hall Director Hannah Bendroth is new to the hall this year, but feels students truly appreciate the living atmosphere that Caldwell offers.

“I think students have a desire to work hard and meet the requirements to live in Caldwell. I also think once in, students have a great deal of respect for the building because they enjoy living here,” said Bendroth. “They have the chance to live with their friends, and Caldwell just offers an apartment-like feel to its residents.”

Bendroth said students are happy with the hall because it’s a new building. It’s brighter and has a home-like atmosphere. There are requirements for residents who want to live in Caldwell. They must be sophomores with at least a 2.5 grade point average. Compared to other halls on campus, it’s also more expensive to live in the modern living hall.

#1.883955:1511991303.jpg:Caldwell01.jpg:The newest hall on campus does not disappoint its residents.:Courtney Smith