From the Right: Troop surge in Iraq

Elizabeth Gorder

Elizabeth Gorder

First and foremost, I would like to thank the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for their service and sacrifice so that we are able to write freely about the course of action in Iraq.

We are winning the Global War on Terror and have been since October 2001, so forget what your professors and members of the drive-by media have been telling you.

President Bush has called for a 20,000 -troop increase to fight in the Global War on Terror. This will give us a much-needed edge over the terrorist insurgents in Iraq by giving us more eyes and ears on the ground to root out these evildoers and bring them to justice.

Although it cannot be known for sure the effects of this troop surge, one thing can be predicted for certain: It certainly will cause for some good entertainment coming from the flip-flopping mouths of the Democrat leadership, especially the presidential wannabes who cannot handle the stresses of being commander in chief.