Dahl declared design winner in first of four ‘Project Runway’ challenges

Julie Frank

Julie Frank

You are either in or you’re out. The concept of Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum’s reality series “Project Runway,” was on campus Monday night at Jack’s Place. That’s right, SDSU has its own version of “Project Runway,” courtesy of the University Program Council. Sorry, guys, but Klum is not involved.

“I wanted to do a fashion show,” said Jessica Eikmeier, creator of SDSU’s “Project Runway” and UPC arts coordinator. “It’s going to run a lot like the TV show,” she said, in hopes of creating a buzz around campus.

Monday night’s runway show was the first of four that the UPC will produce during February. The show featured four fashion designers creating an outfit with clothes picked out of a box and altered in thirty minutes.

To find designers, Eikmeier contacted the apparel merchandising department.

“I jumped at the chance,” said Britta Dahl, a senior apparel merchandising major who has been sewing since the second grade. Besides showcasing her talent, Dahl also says the show is a chance to showcase the apparel merchandising department.

Dahl was the challenge winner this week. She created a business-like outfit consisting of a gray skirt with a black, red and white plaid top using a belt as a suspender. No designers were eliminated this round by the judges. The designers were judged on creativity, workmanship and expression.

At the end of the show, Dahl and the other designers, Kirsten Beesch, Cassie Hillius and Shannon Knutson, were given a new challenge. Each designer received $50 to purchase clothes and alter them. They have a week to finish the new garment. They will present it at the runway show next to the panel of five judges. The judges will deliberate and eliminate one designer.

The panel is made up of a variety of judges consisting of a UPC representative, professional staff member, faculty member and two students including, junior Whitney Halverson, a music education major.

“I love watching “Project Runway” and the whole idea,” said Halverson, who is “the biggest fan” of the television show. On the runway, Halverson looked for garments that were modern, hip and creative.

Like the judges, the audience will also choose a winner. Fans of the designers can vote for their favorite in the viewers’ choice award.

The next two runway shows will be held in Jack’s Place on Feb. 12 and 20 at 7 p.m. The final runway show will be conducted in the Volstroff Ballroom at 7 p.m. on Feb. 28. Students who attend Monday’s show in addition to the upcoming two and purchase food at Jack’s Place, will be eligible for a free cookie the night of the finale in the Volstorff Ballroom.

#1.883774:3098666251.jpg:projectrunway.bd.jpg:Contestant Britta Dahl shows her outfit for judges at “Project Runway” on Feb. 6:Brandon DeVries