SA candidates platform again for same goals


Editorial Board

The issue:The SA election takes place this week; however, candidate’s platforms do not clearly represent the students.

Our view:The SA needs to stay in touch with students and enforce realistic and well-researched policies.

It’s the part of a campaign that wins votes. It’s the platform.

On Feb. 28 and Mar. 1, students will select students to serve on the Students’ Association. Choosing senators with real vision is important because they decide how student fee dollars should be spent.

Like anyone running for political office, SA candidates have platforms and goals they hope to achieve while in office. At the Students’ Association level, we hope that candidates have moved past the high-school way of choosing platforms: Spouting whatever is popular, no matter how unrealistic. But that’s not completely true of this candidate class.

Every year, senate candidates complain about the parking issue. And each year, another batch of new senators learn about the existing plans to turn SDSU into a walking campus serviced by shuttles traveling to and from large perimeter parking lots.

Some candidates take positions on things they can’t control, like adding majors. That is a South Dakota Board of Regents decision, not SA’s. Remember, although the SA is the voice of students, its main function is to spend money and represent SDSU students – not set statewide policies.

Instead, candidates should choose platforms and goals that need to be carried out from the previous administration. Work on the infant programs before moving on to “big and better” things. If you want to pursue a new idea, it should be realistic and well-researched.

SA candidates need to research the SA and know what has been done and what has failed before they make promises they can’t keep.

This isn’t high school. Candidates: Do your research, stay in touch with students and work hard.