In the Middle: Troop surge in Iraq

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

Hold on, folks. Why do I have to listen to Dems and Republicans trash each other here? Partisan blather doesn’t fix the Eye-Rack Problem.

And since when does our solution come in some nice gel-cap form? I’m sick and tired of one side prescribing a fix and the other side instantly saying it must be a bad idea, because, well, the other guys came up with it. Both sides want to do the right thing. We’re arguing tactics here.

Let’s make something very clear: Iraq was never a part of the Global War on Terror. We invaded to stop what we thought was a regionally-destabilizing threat. Nothing more.

That being said, that doesn’t mean we get to walk away. Iraq is our mess, and it’s up to us to exit gracefully. It may take years. Or it might happen soon if we can’t politically stomach the idea of sacrificing lives for the ideas we claim to hold so dear.

The Right and The Left should stop slinging stones and look at all political, diplomatic and military solutions. We can’t afford to hobble ourselves with our partisan pride and our superpower arrogance.

Giving your party faithful an easy-to-swallow slogan doesn’t fix Iraq’s problems. And since its problems are now our own, let’s shut up and get to work.

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