Request for new logo designs the right move


Editorial Board

It appears the logo committee is going back to the drawing board.

Two weeks after The Collegian ran a photo of the latest design of the new jackrabbit logo, the committee has announced they are giving Phoenix Design Works more direction and asking for two more rabbit designs.

Some members of the logo committee say this was the plan all along, yet some claimed in Jan. 31 Collegian story that the realistic rabbit was close to the final version.

Either way, more designs are on the way. This is good news to those who are not fond of the last design. Many people in fact hated the design, and the company is doing something about it.

The logo committee has done the right thing, and there is no shame in that. They are giving the public choices, different styles of logos. Right now, we don’t know what the new logo is going to look like, but we need to have several options. And the committee is giving us that.

The plan now is to wait for more designs. When they come, which committee members hope will be in a few weeks, they plan to host focus groups and conduct surveys.

Those who hold the jackrabbit logo near and dear to their hearts will then have the chance to discuss what they like and what they don’t.

The committee does deserve recognition for realizing what students want and are open to their designs. Phoenix Design Works also is overdue for credit because they are being patient and willing to help us find the right logo.

All the students, alumni and supporters of SDSU want is a jackrabbit they can love. The committee gets it, and they are trying to give us what we want. Just keep the public in the process and we’ll be happy.