Blizzard chills SA election voter turnout

Jason Mann

Jason Mann

While the blizzard was able to cancel classes for a couple of days, it wasn’t able to stop the Students’ Association election.

Alex Brown, senior political science and journalism major and incoming SA president, said the winter weather was a big reason voting was slow on March 1, but some students still logged on to My StateOnline and voted for their respective college’s candidates.

“We have a good mix of returning senators, who have the experience and guidance to help push things along,” said Brown.

He said he’s happy with the way the election turned out and believes that they’ll be able to get many of the groups’ goals accomplished. He said he is really looking forward to working with the new senate.

The newly elected senators will officially take office March 19. Chris Daugaard, senator for the College of Arts and Science, said the SA plans to begin work immediately on the issues the senators outlined in the campaigns. The sophomore economics and political science major said he, along with a few others, began doing research on some of these issues, like the Safe Ride program, during spring break.

The seats in each individual college have been filled, at least those that had been contested. Those that haven’t been filled, at-large seats and the colleges of graduate and general studies, will be soon. Anyone interested in representing the entire student body as an at-large senator can pick up an application in the SA office.

Applications will be available beginning Friday, March 16 until March 23. The at-large application is similar to the one just used to select nominees for each college. The main difference is that at-large applicants must receive 50 signatures from any SDSU student, rather than from their specific college. The applicants will then be interviewed by the SA, and the at-large seats will be filled by appointment from the pool of applicants.

The new senators will get down to business right away. Brown intends to appoint senators to committees so there can be a transitional period as past senators finish out their terms. He also plans to meet with university administration as soon as possible. The two big issues Brown sees the SA tackling first are continuing work on the off-campus housing Web site and to continue work on obtaining more wireless internet access across campus.

Brown plans to keep the SA on track. He wrote down all the incoming senators’ campaign goals on a piece of poster board that he plans to hang behind his desk for the entirety of his term. He plans to add the at-large senators’ goals once they are appointed.

SA Election Results

College of Agriculture & Biology SciencesSteven Resler 147Matthew Harnisch 134Ben Wise 132Daphne Moutsoglou 122

College of Arts & SciencesChris Daugaard 175Brady C. Mallory 159Katie Jo McGuire 154William Reed 143Stuart Andersen 142Susanna Marking 131Eric Hanson 94Tony Temple 87Sam Nelson 83Christopher Vaughn 77Nathaniel P. Graff 72Michael Lee Kendall 48

College of EngineeringDaniel Fredrichs 105Erik Hanson 101Andrew Natzel 93Audrey Bloemendaal 91

College of Family and Consumer SciencesKelsey Wuttke 66Rebeccah Lutz 60

College of PharmacyJohn C. Sandstrom 41

Source: Students’ Association senators John Sandstrom, left, and Tony Temple discuss bylaw changes in an SA Senate meeting Feb. 12.:Brandon DeVries