New eateries may spring up on campus fall 2007

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

A new place for students to eat could be coming to campus this fall.

Quiznos has been explored by the University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC) and ARAMARK as a new option for students, said Lacie Petersen of SDSU Dining Services.

The Union and Medary Commons are possible locations that are being reviewed to put the business, Petersen said.

“It is time the west side of campus got something,” said Doug Sahr, a sophomore agricultural education major.

Sahr said the Quiznos should be at Medary. The east side of campus has enough eating places with The Union and Larson Commons, he said.

No matter where it is put, it will cost approximately $110,000. This would be spread out over 10 years, so annually it would cost approximately $11,000, Petersen said.

“Since we are still looking into Quiznos and the students still have a lot of things to work out, we are not sure how it is going to be paid for,” she said.

A brand like Quiznos comes to campus because of a strong interest. Then, no other Quiznos can be in the community, Petersen said.

Students would be able to use their Flex Dollars and Hobo Dough.

“I’d be excited if Quiznos came to campus,” said Michelle Clobes, a freshman animal science major.

Brent Vilhauer, a pre-physical therapy sophomore, thinks that Quiznos would be better off in The Union.

“It would make more sense because The Union is more centrally located (than Medary). There are more classes and residence on this side,” he said.

Mathew Duck, a freshman microbiology major, agrees that The Union would be a better place for Quiznos.

“When people visit here they go to The Union to eat. So having a Quiznos would make the school look better,” he said.

Mandy Rosse, a freshman graphic design major, who lives on the east side of campus, has never eaten at Medary.

“I would go there to eat at Quiznos. But I would not eat there very often if it was over there,” she said.

New Java City to open in Medary

Soon coffee drinkers on the west side of campus won’t have to walk as far to get their fix.

Another Java City location is slated to open in fall 2007. This one will be located on the west side of campus in the lower level of Medary Commons.

The feeling was that the west side of campus needs updating similar to coffee options available on the east side of campus, said Lacie Petersen of SDSU Dining Services.

This Java City should be very similar to the one in The Union.

#1.883651:1873278596.jpg:quiznosjacks.jn.jpg:Jack’s Place may soon be replaced by a Quiznos in the Union.: