Officials ban cowbells from WNIT games

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

It’s SDSU first postseason play in Division I, and the Jackrabbit’s loudest noisemaker won’t be a part of it.

Cowbells will not allowed in any Women’s National Invitation Tournament games at Frost Arena, said Jason Hove, Sports Information Director. The NCAA prohibits artificial noisemakers during play, and the “NCAA 2006 Division I Women’s Championships Handbook” states that artificial noisemakers cannot be on the premises without NCAA approval. Hove said that with plans to stick close to NCAA rules throughout the tournament, cowbells won’t be allowed at all. Instead, fans will be handed balloons as they walk into the game.

Chad Meirose, SDSU alum, said cowbells are tradition and should be a part of the momentous games.

“If you take away the cowbells, you take (away) what we are known for,” Meirose said.

Some fans will miss the powerful noise amongst the screaming fans, but don’t think it will affect the fan atmosphere.

“It’s on our court and we should be able to have the home court advantage,” said Chris Hoff, a business management junior. “I think it will make the students more rowdy and make up for not having the cowbell.”

SDSU alum Keith Jensen said the decision makes sense because not everyone knows the NCAA rule so it’s better to just to eliminate cowbells and not take any chances. But he doesn’t like the decision.

“I won’t like not being able to ring my cowbell,” he said.

Fans with cowbells will be given the chance to take them back to their residence hall rooms or to their vehicles.