Rugby players rejoice as club is reinstated by SA

Josh Chilson

Josh Chilson

For students who are not satisfied with the physical intensity of football or other school sports, there is hope. SDSU’s rugby club may soon be back.

The club began the reinstatement process last semester and is now waiting for final approval from the Students’ Association, said club member Joseph Galvin, a senior civil engineering major.

The club was suspended two years ago following an incident in which the club held a social gathering involving alcohol. Upon further review, it was found the club had no adviser and lacked the proper bylaws necessary for an SDSU student organization.

Since then, the club has played in a non-collegiate rugby league. The team still consisted of SDSU students, but it was not affiliated with the university.

Now, with the proper bylaws in place and a new adviser, pharmacy professor Gareth Davies, the club is very close to being reinstated as an official student organization.

Galvin said, “We’re trying to put what happened in the past behind and to get on with playing.”

The club will play other teams from the region, such as the University of South Dakota and Creighton. Club member Grant Bassamore, a senior majoring in economics, said he is confident in his team’s potential.

“I think we will compete very well this semester,” he said.

Bassamore said the membership of the team is above average this year, though the club still welcomes new members. He also encourages SDSU students to support the club as they re-enter competition.

“I think we have a strong future.” Bassamore said. “We’re on the road to being respected again.” rugby club, now an official SDSU student organization, practices on the intramural field March 20.:Brandon DeVries