Letter to the Editor: Project Runway sparks readers


I would like to thank The Collegian for their coverage of the Project Runway series as well as everyone that has been supportive of me and any other designers. However, after winning, I have been subject to many “congratulations” from all of your readers. Although we had a less-than-expected turnout at the final show, people knew about it and enjoyed the article. Also, many people who I never thought read The Collegian did! As a loyal reader, I just could not believe the amount of people that saw your article. I just wanted to report that people are reading and remembering your efforts to cover events around campus. Your job is important and keeps many students informed about what is going on. So when you receive some negative response, just know that people are reading and they are talking about it around campus! Keep up the good work.

Kirsten BeeschSenior apparelmerchandising major