Recycling program recently upgraded

Julie Frank

Julie Frank

SDSU’s recycling program had a successful first year and hopes to expand next year.

Student Association began the recycling program in residence halls last year. In the past, the program consisted of recycling dumpsters next to trash dumpsters. Andrew Natzel, head of the campus recycle program, said students were confused which one was for recycling and which was for trash. By placing recycling containers in the basements, students were able recognize which container to use. The recent program has proven to be better than those in the past because the recycling containers were placed in the laundry facilities of each residence hall said Natzel.

“It’s ridiculous how much trash you take out,” said Leah Graesser, a sophomore nursing student, adding, “Recycling helps. [It] is easy.”

Other students like Heather Turnis, a freshman business economics major, and Colin Nachtigal, a freshman agriculture business major, think the recycling programming is “pretty good” and recycle for no specific reason.

To test the extension of the program, recycling bins have been placed on all wings in Mathews Hall and Caldwell Hall. The results have been “absolutely tremendous,” Tony Temple, a Recycle Task Force member, said.

Temple said he knew recycling bins were in the basement but found it easier to just throw the trash away. Temple then had the idea to place recycling bins on each wing in residence halls.

Natzel and Temple hope to expand the program by next fall. Natzel said there is a 95 percent chance recycling bins will be in all wings of residence halls next fall except for Young Hall and Binnewies Hall because they have the lowest participation. To do this, Residence Hall Association and SA will purchase recycling bins for the halls at an estimated cost between $700-$800.

Natzel believes the cost is well worth it. “It (recycling) helps to teach us responsibility for the environment and to be aware of the consequences of our actions,” he said. number of recycling bins around campus will soon be increasing.:Brandon DeVries