Dreaming of changes for future annual celebration

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

Hobo Day dreaming- as 2007 Hobo Week comes upon us, I noticed that Hobo Days have been progressing since my first Hobo Day four years ago (2003). With that being said I would like to share with you some of the dreams in my heart for future Hobo Days. Some dreams are huge dreams and will more than likely not come true. Other dreams are more easily achieved and has a higher percentage of being achieved.

I would like a bi-annual rivalry coming to Coughlin Alumni for Hobo Day. I would not really want to see Northern Iowa come down for that game, nor any Gateway Conference rival for that matter. A conference game already has so much at stake, I would like to see a non-league opponent to make the game that much more meaningful. But imagine University of South Dakota coming every two years, along with a random opponent in the odd years. This should be a great rivalry and maybe we could head south to Vermillion for Dakota Days.

With the Jacks playing the University of Minnesota (2009), Iowa State (2008) and University of Delaware (in Brookings 2012) how sweet would be if Big Ten native Northwestern University Wildcats came to SDSU? Ahhh, a guy can dream can’t he?

I wish that more students would run Jacks Bob Bartling Hobo Day 5K run, now I know this is early (8 AM) and it’s not free, but it’s a great way to start the day. You would easily burn off all the food and the refreshing beverages consumed during Hobo Day. Some students would run the race, but it conflicts with the parade. Hey, how sweet would it be if the 5k would run at the same time as the parade, talk about your roadblock.

I wish cheerleaders would stay by the student section for the whole game. The state sensations should be in the end zone, by the scoreboard. So far the State Sensations have taken the student sections in the second half, and the cheerleaders have been demoted to the parents side. Last year the cheerleaders stayed with the student’s section the whole game, and this has been changed by the university administration. University administraction should not have made this choice to change the location of the dance team or cheerleaders. The vote should be taken to the students, SDSU football should not be about the administration, the State Sensations, the cheerleaders or this sports writer, it is about the student. They should poll the students who they want.

I wish the administration would create a rule that would make tailgating limited to 30 minutes before kickoff. Oh wait, one of my dreams has already came true.

My next dream is seeing seniors embracing the bum-a-meal. I would love to see freshmen get out of their residence halls and venture out into town, into SDSU seniors homes and apartments. This would be a great way for the university to show solidarity and relive traditions of yesteryear of past Hobo Days. That kind of mentoring would go a long way.

I would love to see a human shield of SDSU Jackrabbit fans from Frost Arena to Coughlin Alumni Stadium. I am not sure if the serious approach of Notre Dame’s walk from Game Mass to the stadium is best, or the less serious University of Arkansas is best; either way it would be great to see that tradition started, if only for Hobo Day.

Another of my dreams has actually come true. Just like in the WNIT in 2007 the cowbell will be banned at basketball games. Some may be sadden by this move, but I am a fan of change. I feel it is needed to be made, and I am sorry to offend anyone. Pretty soon, cowbells will be a thing of the past, and you know what? Life goes on. I understand this is an “ag” school and the cowbell was cool, but if I cannot hear Christopher Walken ask “guess what?” Then please keep your cowbell at home; it affects my enjoying pleasure of a sporting event.

I understand that I do not come from Eureka, White or Sisseton, and I am just a city slicker who does not understand the “South Dakota” way. Tradition is great, but with this move to Division One, to get recruits we must get guys from Omaha, Des Moines and St. Paul/Minneapolis, I am not sure hearing a freaking bell will impress them.

My dream is to have a kick-butt band who plays their butts off every football game. Yes! Another dream come true.

I wish that the Jacks would smurf it up (blue pants, blue jerseys) and perhaps some players could spray paint their shoes. Either way, I hope the Jacks do not look like bananas. (Yellow pants, yellow jerseys)

My hope for all readers, especially the babies (freshmen), is stay safe, and stay out of trouble. For two days Brookings looks like the headquarters for police in the state of South Dakota. There are truly cops everywhere, at every hour. Be accountable to your family and of your friends, be good “hobos” and representatives of SDSU.

Finally I hope the Jacks achieve their second straight win in a row against Stephen F. Austin, and the volleyball team wins their 13th straight victory.

Come early, stay late, yell loud, wear the Blue and Yellow and partake of all the activities that Hobo Day has to offer.