Sir Elton John to visit Sioux Falls

Karissa Wilmont

Karissa Wilmont

Sir Elton John is scheduled to play at the Sioux Falls Arena on Sunday, Oct. 7. Elton is one of the biggest celebrities to grace the stage at the Sioux Falls Arena. Elle Miller, a general studies major, said “Elton John is a big name who is going to put South Dakota on the map”.

His long list of accomplishments include selling over 250 million albums and number one hits such as “Rocket Man” and “Tiny Dancer.” According to his Web site, he was also knighted by the queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1998.

When asked her thoughts of Elton John, Kristie Vice, a mechanical engineering sophomore said, “I am glad he hasn’t changed to the new type of music we have today, and he continues to be himself.”

Elton’s latest tour, titled Rocket Man: Number Ones, named after his latest album, stops for the first time in South Dakota. Tickets went on sale Sept. 8 at 9:30 a.m. They ranged in price from $67 to $87 and sold out within 18 minutes.

Nicole Anderson, a biology major, said, “It is amazing that Elton John decided to come to South Dakota. This will open up other artists wanting to come to South Dakota and perform”.

Megan Smith, a recent nursing graduate, said, “Elton is a wonderful musician who is absolutely timeless.”

Having fans like this is the very reason the concert was held in Sioux Falls rather than the bigger and newer Rapid City Civic Center. The team at the Sioux Falls Arena was confident the support from the community would be great. With the show being sold out in 18 minutes, they were right.

Elton John will go on stage on Oct. 7, at 8 p.m.