Greek life

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Greek Street is on Main Street on Sept. 5 and 6. All nine of the fraternities and women’s fraternities on campus have booths on Main Street in The Union and to answer questions.

“This is a great way for people who want to meet the different fraternities to ask questions,” said Trisha Nordaune, the Greek Life advisor.

After Greek Street, a week of formal recruitment starts. According to Ryan Brunner, the president of Delta Chi, formal recruitment is where people meet the fraternities and get to know what each is about. After the week is through, the fraternities give out their bids.

There are many reasons to join a fraternity. Mark Kobylinski, the president of Sigma Phi Delta, said he joined because, “I felt that they [Sigma Phi Delta] were the people that I wanted to be surrounded by. They were involved, outgoing and responsible. It has accelerated my learning and goals”.

“Being in a fraternity helps keep people connected to what is going on on campus,” said Brunner.

A big part of what fraternities do goes unnoticed, like the thousands of dollars donated to charities. One of the many ways fraternities help a campus is all the community service they do, said Nordaune.

“We do the food and clothing drive and campus clean up, among others,” said Kobylinski.

“Alpha Xi Delta provides fundraisers and volunteers time in events such as Children’s Miracle Network, March of Dimes and other various events that we feel would benefit the children of the Brookings community,” said Paige Hemmah, president of Alpha Xi Delta.

Besides helping out the community, fraternities also help out the college. They benefit the college by having students involved in activities and run organizations, said Kobylinski.