Week 3 NFL Preview

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

I know this upset special may be a bigger shocker than Houston not picking Reggie Bush in the 2006 NFL Draft, but I have a gut feeling about this game.

The Houston Texans actually have a real quarterback in Matt Schaub. Schaub has been effective for the second straight week, while passing for 227 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

Andre Johnson is a monster target for Schaub, and could destroy the Colts secondary.

The game is not in the dome in Indy. The game is in Reliant Stadium, which Gary Kubiak and squad hold a pretty decent record.

Mario Williams (Super Mario), who was picked over Reggie Bush comes into the game and defense has started to dominate their opposing foes.

The Colts are good, yes, but Texans are ready to be crowned the 2007 AFC South Championships.

Yes, the Colts are 9-1 against their inner division opponent, but 2007 is a new year, and the Colts are coming upon a Super Bowl hang over.

The Colts even struggled to beat the Tennessee Titans 22-20. The Colts defenses were unable to stop Vince Young and his play making ability. Defensive tackle Darrell Reid, and left end Josh Thomas saved the day for the Colts, which tackled Young by his knees.

Quarterback Payton Manning threw a touchdown and an interception against the Titans.

The key to the game will be Joseph Addai and the Colts offensive line.