Top ten stupid injuries of all time

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

After Buffalo Bills’ Kevin Everett suffered a life-threatening spinal cord injury, it was hard not to feel for him and his family.

But some injuries you just read and re-read over and over to make sure that what you are actually reading is true. When professional athletes, who are paid millions of dollars to play a game, get a bonehead injury, it kind of makes you scratch your head and say, “Give me a break.”

These are the top 10 funniest pro-athlete injures of all time.

10. Ben Roethlisberger: What do you do when you are the youngest quarterback in history ever to win the Super Bowl? You ride a motorcycle without a helmet, of course. The Steelers’ quarterback luckily escaped without much damage and went on to play again. Bulls’ guard Jay Williams was not as lucky; Williams never played again after his motorcycle accident.

9. Kazuhiro Sasaki: The Seattle Mariners’ ex-relief pitcher was injured while falling down a flight of stairs. Rumors said he was beat by his wife. Falling down the stairs is probably better for a proud Japanese man than being beaten up by his wife.

8. Clint Barmes: In his rookie season, the Colorado Rockies’ shortstop saw his season crash and burn when he fell down the stairs. During the fall, Barmes broke his collarbone while carrying meat given to him by veteran first basemanTodd Helton. Not really the gift Helton was trying to give to the rookie.

7. Glenallen Hill: Hill is a grown man, but he has a fear of a certain animal. Hill woke from a nightmare and broke a glass table. What was his fearful dream about? Spiders! Hill missed several games and had many cuts on his body. I bet his teammates had some great prank ideas for the outfielder.

6. Sammy Sosa: Sosa has been at the center of some interesting news in his 18 years of Major League play. In 2004, he broke the mold with his bodily functions. Over the wire, it was reported that his back had a strained ligament. What caused the injury? A very violent sneeze that affected his body so much that he strained his back. The Cubs might have thought about taking down the Ivy.

5. Marty Cordova: As seen in South Dakota summers, sunburn can be dangerous. When Cordova was injured and missed part of the season due to a sunburn, it was understandable. However, he was not burned from the actual sun; he was sunburned at a tanning salon in May 2007. Did he have tan lines?

4. Vince Coleman: Just before a National League Championship series game, Coleman, who was going to start as an outfielder, was trapped under a tarp. The injury was so severe that Coleman was not able to play during the entire World Series. The Cards were without the National League top base-stealer of the 1980s because of the injury.

3. Gus Frerotte: Many times football players celebrate touchdowns by bumping helmets with each other. Frerotte used the same logic to head butt a wall in celebration of a touchdown. Frerotte lost the battle with the wall and was sidelined for the rest of the game. You could say Frerotte lost his head.

2. Moises Alou: Having one bonehead injury sometimes happens and is understandable. But two injuries, while at the same time injuring a family member, really takes the cake. In 1999, Alou pulled a Schick commercial (“Is it really off the heezee?”) and fell down on a treadmill. While recovering, he ran over his son with a bicycle. Alou was out for more than a season and was not nominated for any father of the year awards.

1. Bill Gramatica: Why are kickers made fun of? Gramatica is a perfect example of a lonely kicker. In 2001, the proud Gramatica celebrated by jumping in the air after making a 42-yard field goal. When he landed, his plant was so awkward that he tore his ACL and blew out his knee. This was ridiculous in two ways. First, it was a freaking field goal that put the Arizona Cardinals ahead 3-0, and two, it was the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened in the National Football League.