SDSU Army ROTC cadets place in Ranger Challenge Competition

Brittany Westerberg

Brittany Westerberg

Several ROTC cadets took part in the Ranger Challenge Competition at Camp Ripley, Minn., on Oct. 12-14.

The competition is an intense physical and mental contest against teams from other area schools. Events include basic rifle marksmanship, patrolling, ruck marching and a physical fitness test involving push-ups, sit-ups and a two-mile run.

Cadets spend a lot of extra time in the weeks before the Ranger Challenge exercising and working on skills training, such as rehearsing how to construct a one-rope bridge or practicing the assembly and disassembly of an M16A2 rifle.

The team coach, SFC Russel Chavez, said that this year’s team did “exceptionally well.” “They placed second overall out of 10 teams competing from other schools in the area,” he said. “This year’s awards are the best SDSU Army ROTC has received in the Ranger Challenge Competition in the last 10 years.”

The SDSU team placed first in the Army Physical Fitness Test, first in Basic Rifle Marksmanship, second in the 10k ruck-march event, third in Land Navigation and third in Weapons Assembly/Disassembly.

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