Carnival comes holding entertainment for kids

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

On Dec. 13 from 5 to 8 p.m. SDSU’s Greek organizations will host a children’s carnival at the Brookings Wesleyan Church. All of the money raised at the carnival will go to the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) State-A-Thon fundraiser that the University Program Council is holding.

“Because the carnival is so close to Christmas, the theme of the carnival will be a winter wonderland,” said Heidi Strobush, family relations coordinator and a senior psychology major.

The carnival is meant for children in the age groups of kindergarten to fifth grade. It will include games, entertainment, snacks and fun for everyone. Because it has a winter wonderland theme, there will be games such as a snowball throw and ice fishing.

Some other games include a duck pond, cakewalk and pictures on Santa’s lap. The kids are welcome to come and tell Santa their Christmas wishes while they get a picture taken on his lap, said Strobush.

There will also be other kinds of entertainment for children at the carnival. The Brookings Middle School band will play for the children. Amanda Maffett, a member of the SDSU Concert Choir will be singing Christmas carols, and the soulful sounds of the R&B group, The Temptations, can also be heard at the carnival.

Along with the musical entertainment, Rachel Foth and Nathan Hofer, a couple from SDSU’s Dancing with the Stars, will be there to perform one of their dance routines.

Members of SDSU’s Greek organization will be in charge of set up and take down of the carnival, as well as helping run the game booths and the snack bar.

“It should be a really great fundraiser to go along with the CMN State-A-Thon,” said Strobush.

There is no entry fee to the carnival but tickets for games will cost 25 cents. For some of the games the kids will need two or three tickets, based on how much the game costs to set up, said Strobush.

“This is just another great fundraiser for the State-A-Thon,” said Kristen Blasius, CMN State-A-Thon Coordinator and senior psychology major.

As well the children’s carnival, the UPC has other fundraisers, they recently held a bake sale for the CMN and SDSU’s campus Java City shops are having “Miracle Mondays,” where SDSU dining services is donating 5 cents of every drink purchased on Mondays to the CMN.

The CMN State-A-Thon is scheduled for March 1. It is going to be a huge fundraiser with participants spending twelve hours on their feet to represent a small portion of the struggle that CMN families face every day.

“I think Miracle Mondays and the State-A-Thon are really good ideas,.Hopefully I will get to participate in both of them,” said Erin Wegleitner, a frequent Java City customer and a freshman theater and communications major.

“The carnival will be a lot of fun for kids to go to. The entertainment and games should be really cool for them,” said Strobush. “I hope a lot of people come.”