Actors get HOT on stage this week

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

“? A man’s grapefruit fell out his costume and rolled across the stage,” said Doug Sahr, a junior agricultural education major and president of Alpha Psi Omega (APO). The grapefruit incident was recalled from Sahr’s first year doing Capers.

One way to describe the experience of Capers dance practice is like Mad TV, Animal House and an old school Ricky Martin concert wrapped in a flour tortilla of insanity.

Capers is the annual oncampus theater fraternity student-made play. This year marks the 55th with the theme being Capers Gets HOT. The common thread between the different skits is global warming, said Sahr.

“All the members of APO are split into three core groups,” said Sahr. “We make the sets, write the scripts, choreograph the dances and do all other technical work.”

Each year Capers has open auditions for anyone who wants to try out. “Capers is a big secret that people don’t know what they are getting into,” said Holly Gaspar, a junior global studies and mass communication major. There is so much talent that you don’t normally see with a theater play. It is good to see your classmates on stage.”

More people who are non-theater majors try out for this production. Brad Odens, a senior electronic engineering and technology major, said he tried out because people in choir told him about it. “They said it was a lot of fun,” Odens said.

“Getting to see the show come together is really cool. It makes you feel good,” said Sahr.

For some people, Capers is the highlight of their year. One person in particular is Gaspar.

“My first year I met a lot of fun people and was excited to come back this year,” said Gaspar. “It was a big challenge at first. I’m not used to letting go. It’s something I wouldn’t normally do.”

Last year Gaspar was in a part where she had to scream. She said she was very uncomfortable with having to do that because of her shyness. One day on her way to practice, Gaspar asked a friend to scream outside with her. After doing that, she felt okay about doing it on the stage. “My friends and family came to see the show and were shocked out of their minds that I would do such a thing. Capers helped me find a crazy part of myself that no one sees,” said Gaspar.

The show is in Doner Auditorium from Jan. 30 to Feb. 2 with show times at 7:30 p.m. every night and a matinee on Feb. 2 at 2 p.m. The tickets cost $6 for students with ID and $8 without and are available at the box office. There is also a disclaimer saying the show contains adult themes and language.

“The show contains college humor, but we do have standards.” said Sahr, “Capers WOO”.