Letter to the Editor: Equal sports coverage needed


Dear Editor, Reading the past issue of The Collegian I was very disappointed to find NO results about the SDSU Swimming and Diving team!! This team, both men and women, have come so far and have been swimming extremely well and NOT to have recieved any recognition is very upsetting to parents, fans and swimmers. Let me just give you an example of what kind of a team the SDSU swim team is. They have one of the BEST GPA’s on campus and their work ethic is unbelievable! This past meet, at the University of Minnesota, many swimmers swam personal best times and one female swimmer broke TWO school records and the womens 800 free relay placed first. Along with those stats were many more great times and high placings. I understand that ALL student athletes are hard workers and put alot of time and dedication into college athletics, but not ONE word about the swim team is heart breaking to many. One member of the team was also named the Summit Athlete of the week for the second time this year and she got no recognition. I know for a fact that an article was written for this issue of The Collegian, but where was it? As a parent of a swimmer, I know personally how hard swimmers work and what kind of dedication they have to have, infact I know what kind of dedication any college athlete has to have. But let’s give ALL sports teams at SDSU recognition! Thank You.

Holly Hoffman