Faceoff: Singles’ Awareness Day

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

As many people know, I’m a female in college and have many passions. One that is prominent around this time of year is National Singles’ Awareness Day (NSAD), more commonly known as Valentine’s Day (V-day).

I noticed my passion against this “holiday” around sixth grade when V-day cards were no longer required in school. I like the little cards with the cute designs in them. I find a problem in what the cards say. Many of the cards for adults state: “on this special day to show my love” or “love is in the air.”

First off, if love is in the air, I’m sure Al Gore would stop it because it’s polluting! Then there is the concept of “this one day of showing love.” Shouldn’t people show their love every day and not one day a year because the calendar tells them to? I don’t understand why you need a designated day to show people how much you care. It may be more convenient to grab one card out of 1,000 that say basically the same thing, but isn’t the point in showing your “love and affection” to have it be a sincere gift as opposed to a generic one?

I also noticed my hatred for roses. It is not because of what they symbolize, but how overrated they are and the way they smell. Then there is the dreaded “pity flower,” a cheap flower-usually a carnation-that is given to everyone who did not receive something. The problem with any flower in general is that they die. After about three days, the “love of your life” has a bunch of dead flowers. I would highly doubt the message people want to send is “I hope you wilt away in three days.”

The one good thing about V-day is all the candy. However, even that is ruined with all the pink and red hearts and boxes that it is wrapped in.

I would rather have a second Halloween than V-day.