Meats Judging Team won Intercollegiate Contest

Rockie Brown

Rockie Brown

The SDSU Meats Judging Team won the Southwestern Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest on Feb. 2 in Fort Worth, Texas.

This is the first time in the history for the team to take first place overall at the competition. The team also took first place in Beef Grading, Specifications and Reasons.

Tyler Radke won third place overall and High Individual in Beef Grading. Katelyn Milton won sixth individual overall and High Individual in Specifications. Other team members include Amanda Nolz, Robbie Helberg, Jace Hollenbeck, Eric Hogle and Tyler Urban.

Dustin Mohrhauser and Sarah Wells, both meat science graduate students, coach the SDSU team that beat out eight other universities competing in the contest.

“We won because everybody’s really good. There’s not a weak link on the team,” said Tyler Radke, a junior animal science major.

To prepare, the team spent from 12 to 14 hours a day in a 32-degree meat locker over winter break.

“It’s a lot of work, a huge sacrifice and commitment, but it’s totally worth it,” said Amanda Nolz, a junior agricultural journalism major.

Their hard work paid off, with the team also winning the first contest of the season in Denver, Colo., for the first time in SDSU history.

The seasons are split between spring and fall, but there’s a good chance all seven members are coming back next year, according to Nolz.

#1.882717:2451657503.jpg:meats judging team.jpg:The 2008 Meats Judging Team. Back: Sarah Wells, Eric Hogle, Jace Hollenbeck, Tyler Urban, Tyler Radke and Dustin Morhauser. Front: Katelyn Milton, Robbie Helberg and Amanda Nolz.: