FACE OFF: Should the NFL have an age requirement?



Zach Anderson

Athletes these days seem like they are going pro the moment they are born. In basketball, it is possible for a player to go pro after one year removed from high school, but football has a three year removed from high school rule, and that’s a good thing.

If the student athletes have to stay in college for three years, it will give them an opportunity to improve their skills before making the leap to the NFL.

It will also encourage these players to stay in school, and that is a positive message that needs to be taught to more players and younger kids. The youth of the nation look up to these players, and if these players are dropping out of school to go play football, it sends a negative message to those kids.


Ariy-El Boynton

First off, these players earn millions of dollars for their respected universities, and then to top it all off, they are then told they cannot earn money off a valuable skill for over three years; there’s something wrong with this picture. How can the NFL live with themselves when the players can vote and fight for the country, but yet cannot earn money in a professional setting? I understand that college is a positive thing – I enjoyed my time in post-high school life (maybe a little too much) – but college is just preparation for real life. If these athletes are ready for real-life, let ’em make the jump. I think the people making the rules are just jealous of the talented student athletes.