Teams of 10 pulling big red trucks help raise money for special event

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

As beads of sweat fall from brows, muscles are strained and words of encouragement are shouted, volunteers will be raising money for a better cause.

On April 26, volunteers will be participating in the second annual Brookings fire truck pull. Registration is from noon to 1 p.m., and the fire truck pull will begin at 1 p.m.

Each team, which includes 10 members, is required to pull the fire truck 25 feet while being timed. The team that can pull the truck the fastest wins the event. There will be trophies given out to the top three pulling teams.

“The truck itself is actually not that hard to pull,” said Officer Joel Perry with the Brookings Police Department. “It’s just a matter of how fast you can pull it the 25 feet.”

“The proceeds [of the fire truck pull] go to the State Special Olympics, which is held in Brookings this year, and all the money raised goes to benefit our local athletes,” said Officer Cora Olson with the University Police Department.

Some of the money is used to house and transport the families of the athletes as well.

The event is sponsored by the Brookings Area Law Enforcement along with approximately 16 to 18 local businesses. It will take place in downtown Brookings in front of the Powershop Gym.

There are two classes. One will be an open class for anyone, and the other will be a women’s only class, explained Olson.

Anyone is allowed to enter their team in the pull for an entry fee. The fee is $10 per puller or the team may be sponsored by someone for $100. With the $10 entrance fee, each participant will receive a free t-shirt. Team fundraising is also encouraged, and an award will be given to the team who raises the most money.

“If the sponsor chooses, they can give $200, and their name will be added to the t-shirt,” said Olson.

T-shirts will also be on sale at the event for spectators to buy.

Some of SDSU’s students are involved in the event. Delta Chi has already signed up to participate in the fire truck pull.

Perry said they would like to have another fraternity sign up so that they can have a little friendly war going to keep it fun.

“We would like to get many SDSU students involved in this event,” Olson said. “Since many of the students will not be during the May games, this will be their only chance to get involved.”

Last year there were 16 teams, and they hope to have more this year. Some of the teams in the fire truck pull last year included the Motorcycle Club, two teams of college students, Curves Gym and the Powershop Gym had two teams. Some of the Special Olympics athletes also pulled a truck.

“We really encourage the teams to wear costumes,” said Perry. “They are welcome to be creative with what they wear, whether it is a theme or whatever they choose.”

Last year the police department had a team and the local fire fighters had two teams. The two departments found themselves in a friendly competition.

“Last year we had almost 300 spectators, and we made around $2,500,” Perry said. “We hope to raise much more this year.”

Anyone is welcome to participate in the event, and sign up for teams is still going. For those who wish to sign up, they may do so at the Powershop Gym, at the Brookings Police Department or contact Officer Joel Perry with the Brookings Police Department at 605-692-2113.