Letter to the Editor: Club denied Third B tax funds to bring Minneapolis band to SDSU


Last fall semester 2007, the Music Industry Club applied to use some of the funds provided by the Third B tax mentioned in the latest issue of The Collegian. The Music Industry Club was denied the money in order to bring bands to campus as entertainment for students and the Brookings community as a whole. The band traveling farthest was from Minneapolis, and the other was from Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls is hardly a costly trip, and the most expensive part about the Minneapolis band, apart from general payment, was their hotel rooms and amenities. I see that $68,000 is available to fund entertainment in Brookings. Apparently a few thousand dollars is way too much Brookings is willing to spend on quality entertainment that could attract more students to SDSU and more visitors from other cities therefore putting money into the local economy via food, gas and lodging. Note to all others who would like to bring bands to campus; hire bands that nobody’s heard of (that may or may not be any good), play for as cheap as possible and don’t make them feel comfortable so they would want to come back again.

Alec VanhoveSophomore Music Merchandising Major, Business Minor