We are returning with music

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

On April 9, the band We The Living will play in the Volstorff Ballroom at 8 p.m.

We The Living was highlighted on perezhilton.com on March 25 because of their new song “Best Laid Plans.” Perez Hilton described the song as “a really pretty ballad” and “should be the theme song to the new ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ spin-off.”

WTL is a four-man band that consists of John Paul Rodney (vocals and guitar), Benjamin Schaefer (drums), Matt Holmen (guitar) and Jasper Smith (bass).

According to Rodney, the band got their start after finishing a tour with a band he and Schaefer were in. They decided to move to Los Angeles, make a new record, change direction and change the name.

The band is really interested in philosophy and literature, from which their name came. “It’s a book by one of the authors we all really liked named Ayn Rand,” said Rodney.

On the band’s Web site, they have a link to their philosophy. Rodney said that they as a band feel lucky to know some great books and thinkers.

“We want to shout to everyone about how easy and vital having a personal philosophy is, because it has been absolutely vital to everything for us,” he said.

Hilton described their music as similar to Lifehouse and OneRepublic. The band’s MySpace page describes them as rock/ pop/ alternative.

Rodney said, “It’s a rock band that wants to make great music that you will want to live with. You will want to have our music as your roommate forever, I promise ? Unless your favorite artist is Hanna Montana.”

The band has not played in South Dakota for a year and a half and is excited to be coming back. Kyle Jameson, a junior journalism major, said he saw the band when they played here a couple of years ago when they had a different name and style.

“It was one of the first shows we played together, and it was great to play for all of those people, but we were really green. We loved the city and the people, and we’re dying to show how much we’ve learned,” said Rodney.

Jameson, who booked the band, said he loves what the band is doing as an independent grassroots band. He also likes that the band reaches out to their fans through their music. “I think many people on campus will appreciate their sound and their live show,” Jameson said.

Currently, the band has recorded only one album titled Heights of the Heavens. WTL encourages people to look at their Web site wetheliving.com and “spy on” their blog page.

Rodney said, “We can’t wait to see the future for music lovers and musicians.”