Poltergeist on campus

Tony Gorder

Tony Gorder

“When the Student Union is empty, it comes alive.”

Steve Harvey, Student Union facility crew leader, started working in The Union in early 2008. Since then, Harvey has had strange experiences that he attributes to a ghost.

“Little things started happening-things I thought people I work with were doing,” said Harvey. “I thought they were playing jokes on me.”

Harvey said items he was using would not be where he left them. He looked for the items only to find them returned back to their original place.

Another night, Harvey said he heard a voice coming from the tunnels that run underneath the buildings on campus.

“It sounded like someone calling for help,” said Harvey.

Harvey went into the tunnel looking for the source.

“I swear I saw something that was down in there, but it wouldn’t let me get close,” said Harvey. “It looked like a person.”

Harvey has also experienced rooms becoming cold, hair on the back of his neck standing on end and the feeling of another presence.

“You feel like someone’s there when your back is turned,” said Harvey.

Harvey has told many coworkers about his experiences to mixed reactions.

Paul Disse, Student Union maintenance worker, said he has also had some strange experiences.

“I’ll see something moving out of the corner of my eye at a weird time.

“I’ll hear footsteps down the hall … but no one is there,” Disse said.

Jennifer Novotny, The Union director, said that she has not heard anything of a ghost in The Union.

“I have no information about a Union ghost,” she said.

Keith Skogsted, assistant director of The Union, heard about Harvey’s experiences.

“He’s mentioned something to me,” said Skogsted. “I’m unaware of any ghost. [Harvey]’s the only one. He’s the first.”

Harvey said that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

“They have the right to believe what they want to believe,” said Harvey. “Someday it may happen to you.”

Harvey said he is not threatened by what he believes to be a ghost, but he is still frightened to be alone in The Union.

“It hasn’t done any harm,” said Harvey. “I just don’t like being here by myself at night. I will, but I don’t like to.”

Harvey said that even before his experiences in The Union he believed in ghosts.

“I’ve always believed there’s lost spirits out there still here for some reason,” said Harvey. “When this building is empty, it comes alive.”

“Who knows,” said Skogsted. “He could be seeing something, but he’s the only one.”

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