Multiple student organizations help students vote

Julie Frank

Julie Frank

On Thursday, Oct. 16, SDSU students will arrive at the Brookings County Courthouse by the van load as part of the Students’ Associations (SA) SDSU Votes event.

“Young voters are traditionally underrepresented,” said the event’s coordinator and SA Senator Alisha Kropuenske. “It’s an important election year and it’s important to have your voice heard.”

Vans will pick up students at the east end of the Union and give them a ride to the courthouse from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There, students can register and cast an early vote for candidates and issues on the Nov. 4 ballot.

According to Kropuenske, the event emerged after the SA tried to bring early voting polls to campus. However, the Brookings County rejected the idea saying it was impossible. The SA will continue trying to get early voting on campus for future elections.

SA Vice President Eric Hanson hopes the event sends the statement that college students do vote and should be included.

“Students’ voices can and will be heard,” he said.

He also encourages students to vote in Brookings because it is their home for at least nine months out of the year.

To help get the message across, students are being asked to wear yellow SDSU t-shirts to show their unity and the need for early voting polls on campus.

In South Dakota, citizens can register up to 15 days before the election. The last day to register is Oct. 20. Kropuenske said having the event four days before registration closes, reminds students to register and allows them to think about the issues. Students will be able to register and vote on the same day if they wish.

Booths will be set up in Main Street of the Union to provide students with mock ballots and information about the issues. This way, students can research the topic and cast an educated vote.

Other university groups are cosponsoring the event such as the Women’s Collation, College of Democrats, College of Republics, the Sierra Club and more. Participants are reminded to bring either a South Dakota driver’s license or a student I.D., and will receive a free t-shirt while supplies last.

Students can early vote at the courthouse up to the day of the election. Polls will also be open on Nov. 4 at the courthouse and also on campus at the Tompkins Alumni Center.