Letter to the Editor: Offensive column not deserved


I read the article that Brady Mallory wrote about 40 ladies using the swimming pool in Volga. He referred to them as water buffalo.

I was surprised and disappointed that this piece even got in the paper. Anyone who would write something like this and disguise it as humor in my opinion is offensive and immature. Just because they don’t meet your low standard of humanity is not a reason to degrade and insult them. How would you like it if someone put you down because of your inability to think and reason?

I know one of these women, and they do not deserve to be treated like this.

Grow up. Open your eyes and look around. You might actually learn something worth talking about. People do have feelings and don’t have to be abused and insulted like this. Please resign your position at The Collegian. I’m sure they can get someone better than you.

George Nelson