Stupidity by few causes harm to all SDSU students’ reputations


Editorial Board

Issue: Several cars in Brookings had their windshields and hoods dented and kicked in. For one SDSU student, the cost to fix the damage of her car is $1,250.44.

Over the past weekend, several Brookings residents (both students and community members) had their vehicles’ windshields kicked in, among other damages to the vehicle bodies. Details are still few, but past experiences have led the police to suspect that the incidents may have originated from the downtown bars.

No one has concluded that SDSU students were involved with the vandalism. However, in a college town like Brookings, the thought isn’t far from many minds. A Hobo Day riot 18 years ago sent 52 people to jail, caused damage to numerous cars and even tipped over a KSFY news vehicle. The amount of bad behavior has decreased from 1990. However, three years ago, 500 students were involved in a “riot” during a power outage. While the majority of students weren’t causing destruction, a handful of students participated in damaging lamp posts, utility sheds and emergency call boxes. With working electricity, the mob dispersed without much hesitance.

While the 2005 incident didn’t leave many physical scars, the stigma of college students exists with some people. We do not want to indict the student body, but others might not be so trustworthy. It could have been a life-long resident of Brookings, but the connection to the downtown bars appears damning, considering the percentage of the student body that enjoys the night life that Downtown Brookings offers. If the culprit is found to be an SDSU student, it will look poorly on the entire campus.

As a student body, we need to stand up to such blatant acts of stupidity and poor thinking. It’s one thing to enjoy a weekend out on the town, but to damage private property gives an image of immaturity and idiocy that SDSU does not deserve. The parties responsible have an obligation to come forward and take the punishment for the damage. If anyone knows any information, they need to help the Brookings Police Department in solving this case. We’re all adults and need to act accordingly. This institution is steeped in integrity and history and the acts of a few can work against 126 years of excellence.

Having fun while bar hopping on the weekend is good, but people need to respect property – both public and private.

Stance: Even if SDSU students were not involved, we could foot some of the blame. Many of us consider the downtown bar scene a great way to get out of the house. If bar flies give downtown a bad wrap, it negatively impacts us all.