Where did all the snacks go?

Julie Frank

Julie Frank

While dining services may be expanding on the east side of campus in the next couple of years, it became smaller this semester on the opposite side when Medary Market’s C-Store closed.

“One of the complaints we continued to receive from students about that C-Store was that our hours were intermittent,” said Doug Wermedal, assistant vice president for student affairs. “It would be open, then be closed, then be open again and then be closed again.”

According to Wermedal, the alternation in hours was due to the lack of staff available. As a result, an estimated top 40 items from the C-Store were placed in the service area of Medary Commons.

“When Medary is open, they have that access to that spot, and we did that without expanding any expense in payroll, which of course has a very direct influence on what students pay for Pop-tarts, milk or convenience items,” Wermedal said.

“It would be a heck of a lot nicer” to have the C-Store in Medary, Wylie Scalise, a junior dairy science major, said. Scalise recently transferred to SDSU and lives in the Wecota Annex.

Eric McNeel, a sophomore dairy manufacturing major and transfer student, agreed with Scalise and said he would like to see the store back in the Medary Commons. McNeel also lived in the Wecota Annex residence hall before moving off campus earlier this month. He and Scalise walked across campus to the Larson C-Store to pick up essentials about once a week.

Freshman and Hanson Hall resident Samantha DeWit said a C-Store in the Medary Commons would be more convenient since she hardly visits the other C-Stores on campus.

A C-3 was established in the Wellness Center due to the more popular traffic from students and community members and the ability to provide service. No investments were made in refrigerators, coolers or plumbing, because the site is portable. It can easily be moved to another location if the Wellness Center site is unsuccessful.

A Starbucks was also added to the Wellness Center, something Wermedel said students have been requesting.

“So, we’re trying to hit a couple of things: service in an area we knew was going to have more traffic, bring Starbucks to campus … and still serve Medary customers with the top 40 items and actually provide a little better hour coverage,” Wermedel said.

The new open space in Medary Commons has several possibilities of its next occupancy including a meeting space for students and clubs, private dining or possibly another C-Store some day.

“We welcome feedback on that … through my office as to what students think should be next at Medary,” Wermedal said.