Twilight’s Edward is the perfect man

Jason Mann

Jason Mann

Hey, guys – have you figured out who Edward Cullen is yet?

He’s a whole lot more than some vampire in one of the most popular book series since Harry Potter – he’s the man of your girlfriend’s dreams. Unless you’re the world’s greatest boyfriend (and you’re not; Edward is) you need to keep reading. Your relationship (or hope of ever having one) may be on the line after Twilight hits theaters on Friday.

Women of all ages are nuts about Edward for one reason: he’s a way better man than any of you are. He’s attractive, intelligent, and dangerous – characteristics most of you share (although, not necessarily all of them). What separates him from any actual person is his sense of honor, chivalry, composure and self-control.

Don’t fret yet – it’s definitely not too late for you. With a lot more work than you’ll probably want to do, you may be able to outshine Edward (at least in your girlfriend’s eyes).

Like developing your intellect, you can only develop your inner-Edward by reading the book. There aren’t any Cliff notes for Twilight, and at no point in the history of literature has the movie ever been better than the book (although that won’t stop me from sitting in a crowded theater as soon as I get the chance). Thoroughly study the chapters Bella seems to swoon in the most. What did Edward do? What beautiful thing did he say?

Take notes and incorporate those higher standards into your own life and relationship every chance you get. Telling your girlfriend she’s hot just won’t cut it after Friday. Edward would appeal to more than her sense of vanity; he would tell her she is beautiful, subtly implying he is attracted to more than the physically tangible.

The next time you think about asking her to do something for you, like your laundry or your cooking, stop yourself and quietly do something for her instead. Edward wrote and recorded Bella a CD of songs inspired by her presence in his life. You’ll automatically stand out from every single one of your friends and from most of the guys on campus. Any time you start to do something that’s pissed the woman in your life off before, ask yourself, “What would Edward do?”

It’s okay to learn how to be a great man from a fictional character. You certainly don’t have many actual role models in today’s culture. But there’s no need to settle for allowing the women in your life to settle. Books are full of great men. Mr. Darcy, Romeo, Edmond Dantes, Mr. Knightly, Theodore Lawrence and Edward Rochester are all worth admiration, as well.

It’s about time romance made a resurgence in our society. Maybe, just maybe, Edward Cullen can save the world (or at least your relationship).