Two-Minute Drill

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

Recently I was able to travel to Terri Haute, Ind., to see the Jacks play Indiana State at ISU’s homecoming.

A question on the minds of people outside of the program is whether the football team should be kept or not.

If the football team was cut from Indiana State’s athletic budget, more money could go towards basketball. One of the issues that has been problematic for some is that Indiana State dropped two successful programs in gymnastics and wrestling, in order to keep football alive.

If my vote counted, I would say Indiana State should drop its football team.

I really don’t want to see any of the Missouri Valley Football Conference media affiliates spend a weekend anywhere close to Terri Haute. There are other reasons.

The Sycamores have lost 22 games in a row and have gone 1-46 in the last 47 games.

They are awful, and the host city is not attractive.

The only thing you need to know about Indiana State and Terri Haute is that Larry Bird graduated from ISU and that was in the ’70s. Oh yeah, there’s the Clabber Girl baking powder in Terri Haute. (I had the chance to go, but I passed.)

The highlight of the college season for ISU students is “The Walk” during homecoming. Fans (filled with liquids) walk to Memorial Stadium, tradition being that you stop at every bar for a drink.

That’s right, the most prized tradition for ISU fans is The Walk that takes place at 7 a.m.

There are many things wrong with the football program.

The football stadium is about five miles away from campus, which makes the commuter campus students that much farther away. There are talks of a new stadium at ISU but not for seven years. That is just too long.

There are many railroads tracks around Indiana State’s campus, so a stadium would be difficult.

There is no tailgating rule, so fans can linger in “Tent City” outside of Memorial Stadium for the whole game.

Head Jackrabbit football coach John Stiegelmeier climbed the grand stands on Oct. 25 on a journey. He was searching for all the people who parked their cars outside of the stadium. Apparently, people park their cars for The Walk outside Memorial Stadium.

The football coaches are in the basement of the Student Union.

New head coach Trent Miles has put the blame on himself for the program’s losses recently, but the Sycamores have the mindset of losers.

It’s so bad that Indiana State’s student newspaper called the 49-9 homecoming loss a “morale” victory.

Yes, the score should have been less than 40 points, but still it’s a bad sign to claim any kind of victory in a loss.

Indiana State is in one of the best conferences in Football Subdivision in the nation. The Missouri Valley Football Conference, especially with the additions of SDSU and North Dakota State, will make the trip back to respectability a long journey for Indiana State.

The Sycamores are in the Missouri Valley Conference in 12 other sports. These sports could use the funding for winning. The hill is too difficult a climb for the Sycamores football team.