Letter to the Editor: Married student family housing parking has issues


Since the new traffic and parking rule has been effective since last May (2008), new rules in obtaining the parking decals seem too non-effective and troublesome for the students who reside in the married student family housing complex (8th street). The students of this housing complex are required to pay $50 for parking their car in their own respective apartment areas and are not allowed to obtain commuter parking decals (costs $80, helps to park vehicle in campus). New rule of non-access to commuter parking decals since you are a resident of this place seems a little bit illogical.

In Brookings from October to April we do experience snowfall and low temperatures. Thus, these students sometimes have to walk long distances in heavy snow, leaving the car behind. Moreover, these students are mainly graduate students who have families and are therefore paying higher average bills than other regular students. These students are required to pay $50 + $80 (only if they are allowed to buy commuter parking decals!) which is to some extent not appreciated. One reason to inhibit the students to get commuter decals can be due to close location of it, but winter conditions in Brookings are worst. Moreover, the commercial apartments which are very close to the family housing are able to obtain this decals, but students from this complex are not able to obtain. This rule should be removed and refined to create easy access to campus.

Rumela BhadraGraduate Research AssistantSDSU