Does UFC have a brighter future than boxing?


Ariy-El Boynton And Chris Mangan


Did you see the boxing match in Sioux Falls this past weekend?

Good, because neither did I. Nor did anybody, really; only a thousand people showed up.

Not a single match lasted more than two rounds. The “main event” lasted less than a round, and the winner was given victory due to a disqualification. The boxing organizers had enough.

The promoters are now planning to bring Ultimate Fighting Championship for their next stint. What happened in Sioux Falls is the growing trend throughout the nation. Gone are the days of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and George Foreman.

Now, UFC fighters Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie and Tito Ortiz are household names and are the future of fighting glory.


Boxing has the history UFC doesn’t. People can’t see the failure of boxing in Sioux Falls as a failure across the nation. Fans are still shelling out tons of money for the pay-per-view fights for the marquee names of Roy Jones, Jr., and Oscar De La Hoya.

UFC has too many unnecessary events; eventually, it will wear out its welcome, while boxing keeps plugging along just like it has since the early 1900s.

Sure the days of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier are long gone and UFC may be more popular right now, but boxing will bounce back. It has the history; UFC doesn’t.