Notes By Lucinda

Lucinda Albers

Lucinda Albers

You know when a band comes on stage and the lead singer is wearing an N’Sync t-shirt that they’re going to be amazing.

On April 12, at Sokol Underground in Omaha, Neb., I got the pleasure of seeing just that.

My friends and I arrived a little late to the show, just at the end of the second band, Charlotte Sometimes’ set. The next band up was The Cab. I’ll admit that I had never heard of these guys before, but they completely blew me away.

These Las Vegas boys got on stage and within 20 seconds of their first song, I was already in awe. Their energy was incredible and their music smooth. They have a very unique sound that reaches into you. Lead singer Alex Deleon has one of those hard-to-describe voices that attracts you within seconds. Their rock-pop beats were equally guitar, drums and bass, but they also had a focus on keyboard, which I absolutely love (and a trend that I feel we are going to see a lot more of in upcoming bands). I didn’t know a single word to their songs, but I was dancing with the biggest fans by the end of the set.

Up next was Valencia. I’ve heard several songs from these Philadelphia boys and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. However, seeing them live was a whole other level. They were completely involved in their music and had an amazing connection with the crowd. As one of my friends pointed out, they seemed more of a ‘clean-cut’ band (which I think she was basing on the fact that they all had short hair, a rarity at rock shows), but in no way should you peg them as a ‘preppy’ band. Their music even makes the parents standing in the back of the room at least tap their foot. Their set was energetic, and I’d undoubtedly say these guys are a band to watch this year.

Up last but obviously not least was We The Kings. Just on our way down to Omaha, my friends and I had possibly listened to their debut CD about four times. With every line, chord and even clap memorized, I was as giddy as a nerd on the first day of school to see the boys live. And I wasn’t disappointed. The second they got on stage was like that moment at the top of the first really big hill on a rollercoaster. Your heart stops in anticipation, your eyes get wide and you hold your breath for the ride. Then they start to play, and it sends you completely over the edge.

With catchy pop-rock songs like “August is Over” and “Skyway Avenue,” you can’t help but jump to the chorus and scream along with lead singer Travis Clark. By the end of the night, every line and every beat of their music was worth the hoarse voice and tired feet. To put it simply, they were incredible. Clark even took the stage alone to play “This Is Our Town,” telling the venue to turn down the lights and the audience to hold up their cell phones (the next generation of lighters, for those of you who haven’t been to a rock show since the ’90s). The song is reminiscent of that amazing hometown that you can always leave but never forget. Clark’s voice, especially during this ‘ballad-like’ song, has a way of grabbing at your heart. You can feel exactly what he’s singing about and taste his words on the tip of your tongue. Each and every kid in the room weren’t just screaming the words, they were meaning them.

The last song they played was “Check Yes, Juliet,” their MTV-like hit song. And there’s a reason for that. The song is based on a current day Romeo and Juliet story with the feelings of running away with that special someone. At the end of the song, members from the previous bands hoped on stage and helped sing the rest of the song. The crowd went wild, and it was definitely a great idea to end the show with a bang.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the entire line-up and the energy of the show. If you didn’t get a chance to see We The Kings or won’t for the rest of the “Long Hair Don’t Care Tour,” be sure to catch these guys on Warped Tour this summer.