FACEOFF: Should USD be allowed in the Summit League?


Travis Kriens And Zach Anderson


Now that the University of South Dakota seems destined to join the Summit League, the question becomes: is it beneficial to SDSU to play the Coyotes? I say that it is for a couple of reasons. First off, it will be the rebirth of the Jacks’ biggest rival from the NCC. While attendance will drop off after they have played each other the first few times, there is no doubt that the first couple games on the hardwood or gridiron will be near sellouts. Secondly, it will also give the fans and schools a chance to see who is better off now that the transition for both schools would be over. It would put an end to the debate over whether USD could compete with SDSU.


It is not going to be beneficial for the Jacks to play USD because the Jacks have been playing at the Division-I level for five years and USD is in their first transition year. The Jacks have already been through the growing pains of changing divisions and finding themselves in a new conference where they can be competitive. USD is just starting this process, and it will be a while before they can compete with the Jacks at a Division-I level based solely on the fact they don’t have enough Division-I talent yet.

It will be a good match-up once the Coyotes have finished the transition period, and it will no doubtedly draw a lot of fans just because of the renewed rivalry, but for now, it will be like the Jacks playing a Division II-school.