Letter to the Editor: Going Green


Due to a certain set of unfortunate circumstances, mainly insomnia, I found myself trudging across the frozen tundra of our beloved campus at 2 a.m., one morning. Not only was this the opportune time to hone my balance on frozen sidewalks but also provided apt time to be alone with my thoughts. As I ran through the events that had filled my day while looking into the brightly lit buildings of our campus ? wait, what? Brightly lit? It was two in the morning! It was at that point I began to realize the irony that was this situation. I had heard from numerous instructors this first week of classes that the University was trying to “go green”, but yet here were many, many fully lit buildings. I know we have dedicated staff at SDSU, but I assure you that these lights were not for the overzealous grad students. It shocks me that such a conscientious school can be oblivious to such easy fixes. Without a doubt, some lights are required for safety reasons, but not to the extent that I saw that morning. By making a few easy changes in the normal routines of the University, we may be able to actually live up to our new alleged “green” attitude.

Megan Schiferl