FACEOFF: Signing Day: Is there too much hype?


Travis Kriens And Zach Anderson


Way too much is made out of national signing day for college football. When you think about it, people are getting excited about players that will not make an impact on the field for at least two years. I love when the “experts” give grades to different schools based on who they signed. Wouldn’t it make sense to give a grade four years down the road when these players have actually had a chance to play and prove themselves on the field against college-level competition? Fans want immediate results, and while those with knowledge think that this may be the best recruiting class to ever come to SDSU, we won’t know for sure until four to five years down the road.


I think the hype that surrounds national signing day is a good thing. Many fans visit recruiting Web sites to see what players could potentially end up on their favorite team. It is important because these players that will come to the program may end up being players that make a team very successful. The emphasis that is put on signing day helps the fans see the names of future players. Although these players have not proven themselves at the college level, they will have a chance, and the anticipation that the players will make the football program better is important for college football. Football teams are relying on these players to play a huge part in their football programs’ success; signing day gives fans a chance to put their hopes in these players, too. All the hype that signing day causes is important to get fans and players excited about the future of their programs.