Is game-day parking out of control?


Editorial Board

Issue: Increased traffic on campus during sporting events hosted at Frost Arena often results in erratic parking in illegal areas.

On any given night, those with the best intentions hold our campus hostage. Thousands of people arrive to cheer our much-deserving sports team to another victory. For a few hours a week, crowds give SDSU an elevated sense of school spirit – except when they leave their trucks jammed into the side of the road.

Simply put, if a student lodged their car into a green space during any normal school day, tickets and fines would be issued, and everyone involved would learn a valuable lesson. In the same terms, game-day parking is a self-reciprocating cycle of insanity – with cars parked on the sidewalks, next to trees and in nonexistent parking lot spaces.

In good conscience, we cannot ignore the fact that several

Collegian employees park in lots forbidding overnight parking. Due to our schedule, we often work into the night and break the 2 a.m. curfew. However, we have worked with the SDSUPD on this issue.

Several parking lots remain under-utilized during games, namely the western Union lot, Briggs Library and Coughlin Stadium lots. Ample parking is available for those who take advantage. Some fans might not know of their existence, but that’s hardly an excuse. Parking in an intersection wouldn’t ever seem to be acceptable behavior, so why is 11th Street and 16th Avenue different?

Week after week, the lack of order lends to a dizzyingly bad parking situation. With no rules, our parking regulations melt down to basic survival. Just because an officer doesn’t give a ticket doesn’t make it right.

Very few people like parking tickets, but we encourage the SDSUPD to take care of these traffic issues that have beleaguered our campus too long. The adults responsible for these blatant violations should know better, especially if students can adhere to some semblance of sanity.

Stance: Parking illegally – when late for class or attending a home basketball game – is obviously wrong. At no point in time should there be concessions made with long-standing rules and regulations.