Don’t let texting ruin your love life

Doc Love

Doc Love

Text messaging no doubt has revolutionized the communicational realm in which we all live. In a world where Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and SMS text have transformed the ways we communicate, we must not forget the ways in which our parents and grandparents met: face-to-face. It’s time to drop the sure-type fingers, ladies and gentlemen.

First dates can be a success story or a disaster. However, you can play a large part in determining that outcome. Understanding that first dates may have awkward moments, do NOT send an S.O.S through SMS. Although that awkward pause in between topics may be a cause to sweat, texting during a date only makes your potential significant other feel even more uncomfortable. Putting them in a situation in which they may feel as though you are subtly talking about them will limit their ability to strike up a conversation.

After parting from a successful first date, I advise being patient with your second move. Although at times the urge to text right after a first date may be overbearing, I encourage you to do so in a fashionable manner. For example, sparks flew during the date, conversation was flowing and she seemingly finished every sentence you started. Instead of “jumping the gun” on an invitation to a second date, leave a reminder of how much fun you really had. Acceptable messages may be, “I really had a lot of fun tonight” or “I just heard someone laugh exactly like our waitress.”

The worst in text communication may be the follow-up date. After patiently waiting for your second move, the “invitation” to a second date should not come via text message. If you are uncomfortable with a second date, perhaps the time is not right. However, if you are comfortable with a second date, you are comfortable doing so face-to-face.

SMS texting can be detrimental in sharing your deepest, darkest relationship quarrels. Acting on the temptation of typing your feelings and fears in a limited text messaging field limits your opportunity to hammer out flaws. Overall, if you are uncomfortable sharing information face-to-face, it should also not be shared via SMS text.

If you have ignored my advice so far, this is one I would recommend not ignoring. The most important rule is: DO NOT break up over SMS text! Any breakup initiated via text message is classless. E-mailing, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger or SMS texting to end a relationship does NOT adequately end ties. This reflects poorly on you and could damage future relationships you may have. The convenience of a text message in the present may create complications in the future.

Keep sending your ideas, comments and questions to [email protected]. This is Doc Love, and I am signing off.