Suggestions for looking good on campus

Emily Wickstrom

Emily Wickstrom

Hey! I am Emily, but I mainly go by Em, and I will be doing fashion articles.

I know you may see me around campus many times and probably ask yourself how I know anything about fashion.

Alas, I know more about fashion than you may think. Even though I don’t agree with some of it because my sweats are definitely my favorite fashion accessory, my fashion findings still are right to say that leggings do look better.

I hope you enjoy some of my findings inspired by this month’s Cosmopolitan!

Wrong: Oversized bags

Right: Clutch

Why? Oversized bags supposedly are out because they make your tummy area look much bigger than it really is. In other words, they add emphasis exactly where you don’t want added pounds: your stomach. I had an oversized bag because I could fit everything I needed into it, including the bathroom mirror. I have so much stuff that a clutch just would not work for me. Decide for yourself: do you want to be in and carry a clutch or would you like to be “out” and be like me and carry an oversized bag?

Wrong: Lipo

Right: Eating Healthy/Working out

Why? Why does Hollywood think that every year the way to remove fat is through surgery. Here’s a fancy idea: how about if you want to lose a few inches, you get off your butt and go work out and eat a healthy diet. I know that in SOME cases Lipo may be needed, but in most cases, it is NOT.

Wrong: Sweat pants

Right: Leggings

Why? Not going to lie: I don’t know who decided that mini skirts should be worn with leggings. I do agree on some people they look very cute but not on me. Sweat pants will always be one of my fashion staples. I am like the Queen of Sweat Pants at SDSU.

Wrong: Bulky Necklaces

Right: Brooches

Why? First Lady, Michelle Obama, helped make brooches a huge fashion icon seen all over. She takes a very simple, elegant dress but then dresses it up with a brooch necklace or just one big brooch.

Wrong: Animal Print

Right: Argyle

Why? Argyle used to be seen only as an older-style print, but it has come into being a younger print. I love this pattern! It adds a little bit of print and helps you create a little bit of style.

Wrong: Straight Leg Jeans

Right: Boyfriend Jeans

Why? These jeans were first spotted on Katie Holmes, but I am not really sure how they became fashion. Since all you are doing is dotting your boyfriends’ jeans, they obviously aren’t going to flatter you in any shape or form. My suggestion: stick with the straight leg jeans. They will make your legs look longer and leaner. Also, always remember to wear your jeans about an inch off the ground.This insures they will be long enough and will make your legs look a mile long.