A man inspired by blues, funk and experiences

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

“Playing guitar, singing and writing songs for me must come from your soul,” said Derek Post. “I felt and I learned this concept from my dad and blues music.”

On March 6, Post will have a debut party for his first EP titled Ebb and the Flow.

Ebb and the Flow features six songs all written by Post. Post said he came up with the title from an expression he always heard.

Post said he decided to record this album because of his passion for playing music and writing songs.

“At this stage for me, making music is something that feels natural,” he said.

Post got his start in music from his dad who was a guitar player in a blues band.

“He exposed me to the music that influenced and inspired him to play,” Post said.

According to his Web site, the music Post’s father listened to included Albert King, Allman Brothers, James Brown and Derek and the Dominoes.

“I grew up listening to the classic guitar players: Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King and John Mayer,” he said.

Listening to these blues and funk musicians has resonated to the music Post makes.

He described his music as “a mixture of rock, blues, funk and pop music.

“These are all elements that have influenced me and my playing,” he said.

Post said started playing the guitar about three years ago when he came to Sioux Falls.

“I don’t know why I started playing. Just a feeling I guess,” he said.

Post said he is inspired to write music from past, present and future experiences that he envisions happening.

“For me there are a lot of inspiring things in life and in yourself that can be used to express in music,” Post said.

The first time Post played for an audience was about four years ago at the Riverwalk Café.

“It was embarrassing. It is hard to get in front of people and bare your soul,” he said.

In his musical career, Post said he will let his music dictate where his career goes. He said the EP party is to allow people who may not have heard him before see what his music is about.

“It is a ‘kickoff’ show so to speak,” Post said.

The concert will also feature Post’s band members John Myers, bass and vocals, and Adam Jones, drums.

“I just found someone to play with,” he said.

The show will open with Sioux Falls local band Liquid Thin. Post said he has played with Liquid Thin in the past. When Liquid Thin had a CD release party, they asked Post and his band to open for them.

“Them opening for us is kind of paying them back for the favor,” he said. “They are really great guys and great players.”

The show is 18 years and older at Nutty’s North. Tickets are $7, and the show will begin at 9 p.m.