Potential positions postponed by economic worries

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

Possible budget cuts at SDSU are providing a reason for administration to think twice about how they use the current budget.

Recent budget concerns have caused SDSU to put a temporary hold on hiring some of their open positions.

“We’ve frozen almost everything except for faculty we know we need to hire for next fall,” said Mike Reger, vice president of administration. “We’re just waiting to see.”

Positions like those at the physical plant will continue to stay open due to the constant need for people to help take care of the SDSU campus.

“We’re holding almost everything except for a few positions like people who move snow or keep the place running,” Reger said.

A new position at SDSU, an assistant vice president of marketing and communications, was recently created. The search was started but came to a halt when SDSU began to have concerns about their budget.

“Everything is on hold. We’re not moving on that position or a whole number of positions until we get through the (Legislative) session and see what we have for a budget,” Reger said.

The possible assistant vice president of marketing and communications position would have multiple responsibilities in his or her job description.

“The new position was created so we could find someone to oversee communications on campus,” said Vice President of Information Technology Mike Adelaine.

The assistant vice president of marketing and communications would also help different groups across campus communicate with each other.

“Sometimes there is really a story to be told, but there are so many different pockets throughout campus that the message doesn’t get across,” said Adelaine. “The position was meant to find someone to oversee a broad vision of communication.”

When the Legislative session is over and SDSU has an idea of what kind of funding they will be getting, the administration will begin thinking of filling positions, Reger said.