Accomplishment one of biggest in generation


Editorial Board

Issue: The SDSU women’s basketball team will participate in this year’s NCAA Division I Tournament.

Congratulations to the women’s basketball team.

Within the first year of eligibility, the Jacks propelled themselves to the highest national tournament. Not only are they participating in “The Big Dance,” they are moving forward with the poise and determination of established programs like Tennessee and the University of Connecticut. It is absolutely phenomenal to see hard work and perseverance rewarded with great results. Frankly, this is one of the biggest events of our SDSU generation – almost rivaling the 2003 Division II championship. Coach Aaron Johnston and this year’s squad have inspired the student body, along with Jackrabbits at home or away. We feel an immense amount of pride as SDSU students.

Five years ago, a risk was taken by administration. The North Central Conference was thriving with heavy competition. Former SDSU President Peggy Gordon Miller, along with former Athletic Director Fred Oien fostered the transition to Division I. Nowadays, our teams are thriving and garnishing attention even from ESPN. The risk now justifies the means and the end.

Looking back, few guessed our talented basketball team would have made it this far this soon. During the move to D-I, there were plenty of critics to match the optimism. Now, the proof of their success shines on and off the court. For three years, the team has earned the highest team GPA in the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s Academic Top 25 Team Honor Roll. With help from North Dakota State University, the 2009 Summit League basketball tournament in Sioux Falls was an attendance and financial success.

Times at SDSU have never been better. Our historic past and dedication to excellence has propelled us into a new era. In the words of Peggy Gordon Miller, “It’s a great day to be a Jackrabbit.”

Stance: The success of our women’s basketball team is extraordinary. The transition was once seen as a monumental risk. However, 126 years of excellence at SDSU is clearly visible on a national level.